Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cho'Gath Guide!

Okay my last guide went really in depth and took a long time to type out. I'd like to make these quick as they shouldn't take much explaining.

Anyways... I play an AD Cho'Gath. Which is a little weird. I figure atk speed and his Vorpal Spikes do a lot of damage.

I start with attack speed runes, with crit chance quints.

First item I grab is Rejuvenation Bead and SIX health potions. I'm not dying anytime soon.

After that I either finish building Emblem of Valor or get Berserker's Greaves.

Once I have those items, Its free kill time :D

More attack speed and movement speed is great. So one or two phantom dancers isnt bad.

After that just build whatever you see fit.

AD Cho is a lot like playing the Alien from Alien. Hide wait, attack with everything, back into hiding.

WARNING: People are dumb and think Cho is strictly a tank. People will yell at you until you begin getting kills. Cho isn't even really a tank. He is more of a beefy dps like an Olaf.


  1. Cho is Op, fucking hate when people play with that

  2. i don't play LoL much so these are good tips for me when i do play. thanks

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  3. Cho is the best... Followed!

  4. agree with tearinox but yea I found it informative

  5. Love your blog! Totally going to show my support and follow!